Mia can’t stand ‘Smellsville’,

Priya can’t stand Mia,

Colby can’t stand people in general,

And before today, Liam didn’t think any of them even knew he existed.

But when everyone else in Wellsville suddenly collapses, the four of them are forced to work together to figure out what caused the townsfolk’s collective coma. All they have to go off is an eerie message that’s mysteriously shown up on Liam’s computer.

Stay hidden. Follow the conscious. Find the island.

 People born in Wellsville rarely leave, but Colby, Priya, Liam and Mia are about to venture far beyond the border of their beachside bubble for the very first time, and what they uncover during their odyssey will make them question everything they ever thought they knew about their mundane little town.

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